1. Play way method of teaching in pre-primary classes.
2. CBSE pattern of studies is followed in primary section.
3. Seminars and workshops are organized for students and staff members.
4. The meritorious students are honoured with scholarship, prize and certificates.
5. The school annually publishes the Magazine "Vallabh Jyoti" The students are motivated by staff members for writing articles thus enhancing their creativity skills.
6. Both brilliant and weak students are given special coaching free of cost.

Well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Computer, Home science and Fine arts laboratories.
Well stocked library with books, periodicals, news papers catering the needs of all age groups.
Three generators with the capacity of 132KV have been installed so that the studies may not suffer due to electricity breakdowns. These generators set ensure uninterrupted electric supply during school hours.
Water coolers with filters (Aqua guard RO system) on each floor have been installed in the school for constant supply of pure and cold water in summer.
The school provides necessary medical aid to the children during school hours. Regular medical checkup is also held.
The school has SMS facility for sending important information to parents
In case of emergency students can avail telephone facility, but bringing mobile phone to school is strictly prohibited.
Bookshop has been established to supply books, note-books and other articles of good quality at reasonable rates.
A well furnished room has been set apart for the visitors and parents to see the teacher with the permission of principal.