1. The fees of the selected kids will have to be deposited within three days from the date of selection as per detail given below. No fees will be accepted after that. No excuse, whatsoever, will be accepted after that. The waiting kids as per serial order will be eligible for admission for the seats falling vacant due to non depositing of fees.
2. The fees and other charges once deposited will not be refunded.

S. No. Class Admission Fees Monthly fees Quarterly Fees Total amount Admission fees + Quarterly fees
1. Nursery/ LKG/ UKG 12500 800 2400 14900
2. I to IV 14000 900 2700 16700
3. V to VI 14000 1000 3000 17000
4. VII to VIII 14000 1050 3150 17150
5. IX 15000 1100 3300 18300

1. Fees deposit slips will be issued to the students and the fee has to be deposited in the Allahabad Bank, Ludhiana in the school premises.

2. Fee for April to June is to be deposited as per the following schedule

April to June - At the time of admission Annual charges plus three months fees
July to September - 6th July to 15th July
October to December - 6th Oct to 15th Oct
January to March - 6th Jan to 15th Jan

3. The fee can be deposited from 6th to 15th of the given month. In case 15th is a holiday, fee will be accepted on the next working day. Fees with the late fee fine can be deposited in Allahabad Bank in the school premises as per the following schedule.

Without late fee - 6th to 15th of every month
With late fee or Rs 25/- - On 1st Monday after 15th
With late fee of Rs 50/- - On 2nd Monday after 15th

4. If the fees is not deposited as per the above schedule the name of the student will be struck off the rolls. Readmission will be allowed within a week on payment of Outstanding Dues + Fines + Readmission Fees of Rs 500.

5. Student seeking admission during mid- term session will have to pay fee for the whole session or year, irrespective of his/ her date of joining.

1. In case a child is to be withdrawn during the year at least one month's notice for withdrawl must be given in writing by the parents otherwise the fees for the next month will be charged.

2. If the child is to be withdrawn in the beginning of the following year, a written notice must reach the school office before March 31 of the current academic year otherwise one month,s fees shall have to be paid.

3. Transfer Certificate can be issued on a written request from parents / guardians only after all the dues have been paid.

4. The school authorities can expel or ask the parents to withdraw his / her child on one of the following grounds.

(a) Irregularity in attendance
(b) Bad behavior and indiscipline.
(c) Non- payment of school dues or chronic irregular payment.
(d) Moral breach, considered serious by the school committee, whose decision in such cases will be final and binding.

1. Leave of absence is granted only on written application duly signed by the parents or guardian on the day of absence. Message received later than the day of absence will not be entertained.

2. An application for leave on medical grounds must be accompanied by a medical certificate of an MBBS doctor or atleast an R.M.P.

3. A student shall pay a fine of Rs. 10 per day if he / she is absent from the school without application duly sanctioned by the Headmistress.

4. No half day leave will be granted without any valid reason given in the application duly signed by the parents.

5. Student coming late after the gate is closed will be fined Rs. 10 per day and may be even sent back home. The fine may be charged upto Rs. 50 per day if the persistent irregularity is observed.

6. Special fine will be imposed if a student is found :-
(a) Misbehaving and creating indiscipline in the campus or class.
(b) Shouting and hooting.
(c) Using abusive language with the fellow students , staff or teachers.
(d) Missing from the class without any reason.
(e) Attending the school in improper uniform.
(f) Using unfair means during examination.
(g) Hitting other students.

Evaluation And Promotion System
Nursery to U.K.G

1. No formal examination system for kindergarten.
2. Grading system is followed. The grades are :-
OS - Outstanding| A - Excellent B - Very Good | P - Progressing
Class I to V
1. There is no formal examination system for classes I to V.
2. The whole syllabus has been divided into four units.

Unit Evaluation Schedule
May - 2nd Week
September - 2nd Week
December - 2nd Week
March - 1st Week

Class VI to IX (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation CCE)
1. The whole syllabus is divided into two terms i.e. April to September and October to March.
2. Each term includes two Formatives Assessments and one Summative Assessment.
3. Final consolidated result will include 40 % weightage of four Formatives (10% each) and 60% weightage of two Summative Assessments (30% each).

FA - IApril - May
FA - IIJuly - August
SA - I September
FA - IIIOctober - November
FA - IV January - February
SA - II March

Summer uniform for boys (on all week days except Wednesday)

1. Navy blue shorts with v - neck bib (Kindergarten)
2. Navy blue shorts (I to v)
3. Navy blue pants (From VI onwards )
4. Sky blue half – sleeves shirt
5. Navy blue Patka for Sikh students
6. Striped Navy blue school belt and striped navy blue neck – tie with school insignia
7. Black leather shoes (Bata / Liberty)
8. Navy blue socks with sky blue stripes

Summer uniform for boys on Wednesday
1. White shorts with v- neck bib (Kindergarten)
2. White shorts (I to V)
3. White pants (From VI onwards)
4. White T- shirt with blue strips
5. White socks with navy blue strips
6. Striped navy blue school belt with school insignia
7. White P.T. Shoes

Summer uniform for girls (on all week days except Wednesday)
1. Navy blue skirt with galoshes ( Kindergarten)
2. Navy blue divided skirt with 2" loop for belt, ¾ pleats and 2" below the knees (I to VIII)
3. Salwar suits (From IX onwards)
4. Sky blue half- sleeves shirt (Nursery to VIII)
5. Striped navy blue school belt and striped navy blue neck tie with school insignia(Nursery to VIII)
6. Black leather shoes (Bata/ Liberty)
7. Navy blue socks with sky blue strips

Summer uniform for girls on Wednesday
1. White skirt with galoshes (Kindergarten)
2. White divided skirt ( I to VIII)
3. White salwar suit (From IX onwards)
4. White T-shirt with blue stripes (Nursery to VIII)
5. Striped Navy blue school belt with school insignia (Nursery to VIII)
6. White socks with navy blue stripes
7. White P.T. shoes

Winter uniform for boys (for all week days)
1. Dark grey woollen trouser with insignia of Vallabh Public School
2. Sky blue full sleeved shirt
3. Grey woolen socks
4. Grey sweater with stripes at V- neck
5. Navy blue blazer with logo of VPS on the front top pocket
6. Striped navy blue school belt and striped navy blue neck tie with school insignia
7. Grey cap
8. Black shoes (Bata/ Liberty)

Winter uniform for girls (For all week days)
1. Dark grey woollen trouser with insignia of Vallabh Public School (From Nursery to V)
2. Sky blue full sleeved shirt (Nursery to V)
3. Salwar suit : sky blue suit with navy blue salwar (From VI onwards
4. Grey sweater with stripes at V-neck
5. Navy blue blazer with logo of VPS on the front top pocket
6. Striped navy blue school belt and striped navy blue neck- tie with school insignia
7. Grey woolen socks
8. Black shoes (Bata/ Liberty)


Morning Assembly , the most serene feature of the school's curriculum, is the index of school's routine. The school starts each working day with the Morning Assembly that includes recitation of the Morning Prayer meant for the day. Stress is laid on the eternal value of Indian Culture.



#Trip to Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park (Chhatbir Zoo)
#Trip to Hardy's World
#Trip to Rock Garden & Art Museum , Chandigarh.
#Trip to Wax Museum ,Ludhiana


Education is incomplete without curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities which foster all round development of the students through unobstructed unfolding of their innate qualities. The school campus has been an arena of feverish activities. School provides wide range of activities besides class room teaching. Care is taken that the child takes part in drama, recitation, drawing, painting, dance, paper cutting, candle making, calligraphy and other useful activities. Our main target is to provide enough opportunities to our students to exhibit their artistic and creative talents. Regular contest in these activities are held and prizes are awarded for good performance. Schedule of different activities drawn in the beginning of new session.


School celebrates important days like Republic Day, Independence Day, Children's Day and many other important days. Students present colourful items befitting the celebration of the day.
Special days are rejoiced with great fervour to keep the students acquainted with Indian culture, religion & traditions.