‘Curiosity’, this one word wraps the whole universe into itself. The ‘Why’,’ What’ and ‘How’ of everything is what schooling deals with. The role of the school has changed manifold and so has the responsibility.

We,here firmly believe that it is our responsibility to nurture the children. We look forward to provide our students a platform where they can perform and develop themselves. We have a keen interest in making our students valuable for our nation and to give wings to them to fly under the guided supervision, thus, enabling and empowering them to realize their dreams.

Our mission is to enlighten our students with the light of education so that they can achieve their goals in life.
Empowerment of students for their all round development through education is our cherished MOTTO.

It is the school where hard work is the only talisman and discipline, the only mascot. It is a great place to learn with a chance to grow and develop the minds of youth. It is a heaven with proud past and a promising tomorrow.

S.A.N. Jain School tries to inculcate intelligence along with character building. We give young minds wings of fantasy and yet strengthen their roots to the ground. We enable a child to reach his full potential as a human being and also as a useful member of society. We must remember that intelligence is not enough to be a successful human being in life. Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education. The complete education gives one not only power of concentration, but also the power of thinking on what to concentrate.

Being short of money is no excuse; being short of ideas is!
Let Creativity, innovations, initiatives and fresh ideas be your ace.

A beautiful country is a reflection of beautiful people. At S.A.N. Jain School, we passionately believe in happy students who shall create a happy tomorrow.

With Warm Regards,
P.L. Verma